How 최상위 노출 can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

하지만 그 이전에 그러한 종류의 불교가 존재하였던가? 오랫동안 학자들은 언제 불교가 시작되었는지에 대해 의문을 가져왔다.

However the dialogue had obtained them both of those out in their depth. Quickly Paul jumped down.% “Occur on,” he explained. “Enable’s go and have some tea.” They observed a cottage, in which they sat during the cold parlour. She poured out his tea. She was incredibly peaceful. He felt she experienced withdrawn yet again from him. Just after tea, she stared broodingly into her tea-cup, twisting her wedding day ring continuously. In her abstraction she took the ring off her finger, stood it up, and spun it upon the desk. The gold turned a diaphanous, glittering world. It fell, as well as ring was quivering upon the table. She spun it many times. Paul viewed, fascinated. But she was a married lady, and he thought in simple friendship. And he regarded that he was completely honourable with regard to her. It was merely a friendship involving male and woman, including any civilised individuals might need. He was like so many younger Males of his very own age. Sex experienced grow to be so difficult in him that he would have denied that he ever could want Clara or Miriam or any woman whom he knew. Intercourse motivation was a form of detached matter, that did not belong to a woman.

She conquer up the couch cushions for your youth.% The kitchen area was quite compact and irregular. The farm had been initially a labourer’s cottage. And the furniture was outdated and battered. But Paul liked it— liked the sack-bag that shaped the hearthrug, and the funny minor corner beneath the stairs, along with the tiny window deep inside the corner, by which, bending a bit, be could see the plum trees inside the again back garden plus the Wonderful round hills beyond. “Received’t you lie down?” reported Mrs. Leivers. “Oh no; I’m not tired,” he claimed. “Isn’t it Charming coming out, don’t you think that? I noticed a sloe-bush in blossom and loads of celandines. I’m happy it’s sunny.” “Am i able to Supply you with something to try to eat or to consume?” “No, thank you.” “How’s your mother?” “I do think she’s fatigued now. I feel she’s experienced far too much to do. Probably within a little while she’ll check out Skegness with me. Then she’ll be capable of rest.

부르누는 또한 아쇼카 왕의 석주에 대해 자세한 연구를 한 최초의 학자였다. 이 불교 금석학 연구는 불교 사회사를 연구하는데 아직도 중요한 자료이다.

him. Her darkish eyes were being naked with their enjoy, worried, and yearning. His eyes, also, ended up dark, and so they damage her. They appeared to grasp her. She dropped all her self-control, was exposed in worry. And he knew, prior to he could kiss her, he ought to drive a thing from himself. In addition to a touch of detest for her crept back again all over again into his heart. He returned to her exercising. Instantly he flung down the pencil, and was on the oven in a very leap, turning the bread. For Miriam he was too rapid. She started off violently, and it harm her with real suffering. Even the way he crouched before the oven hurt her. There seemed to be one thing cruel in it, a thing cruel while in the swift way he pitched the bread out on the tins, caught it up once more. If only he were Mild in his movements she might have felt so wealthy and warm. As it had been, she was harm.% He returned and completed the training.

He dropped down the hills on his bicycle. The streets had been greasy, so he had to Permit it go. He felt a pleasure as being the machine plunged above the second, steeper fall inside the hill. “Here goes!” he explained. It had been risky, due to the curve from the darkness at the bottom, and as a result of brewers’ waggons with drunken waggoners asleep. His bicycle looked as if it would fall beneath him, and he beloved it. Recklessness is sort of a man’s revenge on his lady. He feels he isn't valued, so he will chance destroying himself to deprive her altogether.% The celebrities around the lake looked as if it would leap like grasshoppers, silver on the blackness, as he spun previous. Then there was the extensive climb home.

There was no noise anywhere. Evidently the kids had not been wakened, or had absent to snooze again. A practice, a few miles absent, roared across the valley. The night time was very substantial, and really Peculiar, stretching its hoary distances infinitely. And out with the silver-grey fog of darkness arrived Seems vague and hoarse: a corncrake not significantly off, sound of a educate like a sigh, and distant shouts of Guys.% Her quietened heart starting to conquer speedily yet again, she hurried down the side back garden on the back again of the house. Softly she lifted the latch; the door was even now bolted, and challenging in opposition to her. She rapped Carefully, waited, then rapped once again. She will have to not rouse the kids, nor the neighbours. He has to be asleep, and he wouldn't wake easily. Her heart started to burn being indoors. She clung towards the doorway-deal with. get more info Now it had been cold; she would have a chill, and in her current ailment! Putting her apron above her head and her arms, she hurried once more to your facet yard, towards the window with the kitchen area. Leaning about the sill, she could just see, beneath the blind, her spouse’s arms distribute out within the desk, and his black head over the board.

     미국은 한때 “용광로”라고 일컬어진 적이 있다. 이민자들이 미국이라는 사회, 즉 용광로에 들어가면, 녹아져서 새롭게 태어나는데, 이 새로운 정체성이 미국 사람으로의 동화된 모습이라는 것이다.

그 이유로는 불교학을 전공한 초기 유럽의 학자들은 모두 문헌학적 그리고 철학적으로 철저한 훈련을 받았기 때문이며, 또한 미국 대학의 종교학과 내에서 불교사상을 정치한 사상체계로 주장하기 위해서는 불교 철학적 연구가 필요한 것이기도 하였다.

“I don’t know. I suppose I did many of the jawing—I usually do. I believe I had been telling her concerning the strike, And the way the Ladies took it.” “Sure.” So he gave the account of himself.% But insidiously, without having his realizing it, the heat he felt for Clara drew him away from Miriam, for whom he felt liable, and to whom he felt he belonged. He considered he was becoming very devoted to her. It absolutely was challenging to estimate precisely the toughness and heat of one’s feelings for a woman until they have run away with a single. He began to give more the perfect time to his Gentlemen mates. There was Jessop, for the art college; Swain, who was chemistry demonstrator for the university; Newton, who was a teacher; In addition to Edgar and Miriam’s youthful brothers. Pleading get the job done, he sketched and examined with Jessop. He referred to as while in the College for Swain, and The 2 went “down town” collectively. Owning appear dwelling inside the coach with Newton, he called and experienced a match of billiards with him inside the Moon and Stars.

And the youngsters felt protected when their father was in mattress. They lay and talked softly a while. Then they started off because the lights went abruptly sprawling around the ceiling from your lamps that swung in the hands from the colliers tramping by outdoors, planning to go ahead and take nine o’clock shift. They listened to your voices of the Adult men, imagined them dipping down in to the darkish valley. From time to time they went for the window and viewed the a few or four lamps increasing tinier and tinier, swaying down the fields inside the darkness. Then it was a joy to hurry again to mattress and cuddle intently in the warmth.% Paul was rather a fragile boy, matter to bronchitis. The others had been all really strong; so this was one more reason for his mom’s difference in sensation for him. In the future he came house at dinner-time emotion sick. However it was not a spouse and children for making any fuss. “What’s the issue with you?” his mom asked sharply. “Very little,” he replied.

무엇을 붓다의 말씀으로 판단할 것인가? 붓다는 무엇을 가르쳤는가? 그분이 오래 동안 가르쳐 오신 많은 것들 중에서 무엇이 그의 입장을 대변하고, 또 어떤 것은 그때 그때 청중의 필요에 따라 맞추어서 고려된 결과로 나온 말씀인가?

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그러나 [서열화로 가지 않고도-역자] 그것은 또한 그 자체로 충분한 것, 즉 순수한 '차별화주의'인 것으로 간주될 수 있다. 혹은 적어도 외양상으로는 그러한데, 왜냐하면 그것은 차별화를 위해 사용되는 기준들이 실제 맥락 안에서는 결코 '중립적'인 것일 수 없기 때문이다. 그것들은 실천 안에서 도전받을 수 있고 종족성이나 문화의 사용에 의해 강제되어야만 될 사회정치적 가치들을 스스로 안에 가지고 있다.

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